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Enable entity logging for the Integration Server for Cloud Data Protection


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The purpose of this document is to provide the steps required to enable entity logging for the Integration Server which allows the entire request and response to be logged for debugging purposes.


  1. Edit the Integration Server arguments file (default location is /usr/local/perspecsys/reverse-proxy/arguments)
  2. Scroll to the section before the -Dakka parameters
  3. Insert the following two lines
    • -Drequest.logging.enabled=true \
    • -Dresponse.logging.enabled=true \
  4. Restart the Integration Server (service apprtx_intserver restart)

Note: Ensure to remove or comment out the above two lines once the issue has been reproduced.  Enable entity logging is quite resource intensive.



-Drequest.logging.enabled=true \
-Dresponse.logging.enabled=true \