Using the Symantec Management Agent's Bandwidth Throttling feature
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Using the Symantec Management Agent's Bandwidth Throttling feature


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Client Management Suite


Using the Symantec Management Agent's Bandwidth Throttling feature to decrease the traffic caused by the Symantec Management Agent (SMA) going through the network.


IT Management Suite 8.x


When you enable bandwidth throttling, you must also add and configure at least one throttling period.

You can create and modify the throttling periods that you want to use.

You can specify any number of throttling periods. If two or more periods overlap, the lowest throttling value is used.

For each throttling period, you can configure the following options:

  • The Throttling Window lets you specify time periods when throttling should be used.
  • Throttling type lets you configure how the agent calculates its bandwidth for the throttling. For example, the agent can use a fixed bandwidth or a specified % of its own traffic bandwidth.
  • Throttling is triggered only if the agent's bandwidth falls below the value that you specify. Note that this option can be configured only for % and KB/s throttling types.

On ULM agents, the package download speed can be higher than expected even when throttling is enabled. This is because, during the first 10 seconds, the ULM agent downloads a package with the maximum speed and measures the bandwidth during this time. After 10 seconds, the specified throttling limits are applied for the next 180 seconds, and then the agent measures the bandwidth again.

Additional Information

For detailed information on Bandwidth Throttling please see this KB:

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Source from the documentation: Targeted Agent Settings - Bandwidth Throttling