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Configure a Login Banner on SSL Visibility (SSLV)


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


A statement may be configured to be presented to users during the login process, requiring the user to acknowledge and agree to the message prior to logging in.

When a login banner is configured, the message will appear before the user logs on to the WebUI.

When a user accesses the command line interface via Secure Shell (SSH), the login banner is displayed after username and before password is entered.

For serial console access, the login banner is displayed when the user enters the serial console.

This article explains how to configure a login banner in the SSL Visibility (SSLV) Platform Management WebUI.


To specify the login banner text:

1. From the Platform Management (system name) menu, select Login Banner.

2. In the Login Banner panel, click Edit (pencil icon).

3. Select the Enabled checkbox.

4. Enter the Banner content (maximum of 2047 UTF-8 characters) in the field in the Edit Login Banner dialog.

5. Click OK to apply the changes.


The banner is displayed when users log into any SSL Visibility appliance management interface. It requires all users to accept the terms and conditions before they can be authenticated and log in. On the WebUI, users must click the Accept button. On a console session, entering the password after seeing the banner affirms acceptance of the conditions.