How to install Ghost Solution Suite .MSI updates with elevated privileges
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How to install Ghost Solution Suite .MSI updates with elevated privileges


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Ghost Solution Suite


It may be necessary to run a Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) component with elevated privileges.   Some examples would include the GSS 3.3 RU1 web console or the Ipxe components. 

The package terminated unexpectedly! 

Fatal error during installation


Gss 3.3 RU1


Ghost components need to be ran as an administrator but .MSI files like the following don't automatically prompt for elevating privileges. 

  • GSSServeriPXEAddon.msi
  • PXEServeriPXEAddon.msi
  • Symantec_Ghost_Solution_Suite_Web_Console.msi
  • Symantec_Ghost_Standard_Tools_3_3.msi and Symantec_Ghost_Standard_Tools_3_3_RU1.msi


The .MSI install files can be ran from an administrative command prompt.    When executing the administrative command prompt it will ask for permission to elevate it's permissions and then any file ran from with in that window will automatically be elevated

The steps to open an elevated command prompt as follows.

  1. From the start menu type CMD to search for the Command Prompt
  2. Right click on the Command Prompt  and select "Run as administrator
  3. Click Yes when the security pop up happens
  4. Note that the title bar on the command window notes that it is similar to Administrator:Command Prompt.
  5. From with in the command window navigate to the .msi that is needing to be installed.