CASB How to Activate Multiple Users
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CASB How to Activate Multiple Users


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CASB Security Advanced CASB Audit CASB Security Premium CASB Securlet SAAS


Securlets can be configured to import users as active or inactive.

DSS Directory Sync will import new users into CloudSOC as active users.

DSS Directory Sync will NOT update an inactive to an active user.


Use the CloudSOC User Export/Import  feature to mass modify CloudSOC users.


  • From CloudSOC, go to Users, Export, (link to csv is delivered via email).
  • Click link from email to download zip "exported_users.csv.gz"
  • Extract and modify the csv file.  The last column is Active, change from No to Yes

    Note: Recommend to Test import with 1 to 2 Test Users first to ensure you don't break all Users access to CloudSOC

    This is especially important for clients using Gatelets where WSS may be checking for a match on the Secondary ID

  • Upload the file to CloudSOC, go to Users, Import, Select File,  Upload File.
  • Check Email for Confirmation, verify users have the Green dot showing that they are now "Active"

Additional Information

If there is No SpanVA DSS that imports Users here is an import template format that may work.

ALWAYS Test importing with 1 to 2 Test Users first to ensure you don't break all User access to CloudSOC

Note the format for "Groups" field ["groupname"] and filling in date in some columns is optional

Secondary ID field may be required if using Gatelets and in this format "domain\user" eg. ####\TestUser