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Endpoint Protection for Linux fails on a pre-release version of an upcoming Linux distribution


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Endpoint Protection


You find that the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for Linux fails to compile its kernel modules on an alpha or beta version of your Linux distribution of choice –the final version of which may not be released for possibly quite some time.

  • The console output of ./ -i indicates compiling kernel modules from source failed and that the kernel modules could thus not be loaded.
  • ~/sepfl-kbuild.log shows numerous errors.


  • SEP for Linux


The kernel version, as well as any other part of alpha and beta versions of upcoming Linux distribution tends to be highly variable. Hence, Symantec does not support pre-release versions of upcoming Linux distributions.


Using your search engine of choice, search for upcoming Linux distribution name and version (e.g. Ubuntu 99.04 If a KB article is available, then that means someone already reported the issue. You can subscribe to the KB article to be notified about any developments. If a KB article should be unavailable, please contact Symantec Support, providing the output of /opt/Symantec/symantec_antivirus/ after a failed build attempt.

You are also welcome to subscribe to Download the latest version of Endpoint Protection, to be notified when a new version of our product is available for download, and to Supported Linux kernels for Endpoint Protection 14.x. The fix notes of any new release –accessible via the New fixes link in the former – will mention any new kernel version for which support was added, which should be reflected in the latter.