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Retrieving the OVF image to install a Virtual Reporter


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Obtain the OVF image to deploy a Reporter virtual appliance.


Please follow the steps below. 
1. Go to the Broadcom Support Web Portal
2. Go to My Downloads
3. Search for and select Reporter-VA
4. Select and expand the right model (RP-VA-DEMO, RP-V50, RP-V100, RP-V200) based on your contract
5. Look for the right version that you need
For example, Reporter is the latest when the time the KB was published. 
6. Locate one of the .zip files which contains the OVF image

For more information about the deployment, please refer to the links below from 10.x. 

Reporter on a VMware Host: 

Reporter on Microsoft’s Hyper-V Hypervisor

Reporter Appliance: