Performing a backup and restore on a Content Analysis System appliance
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Performing a backup and restore on a Content Analysis System appliance


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Content Analysis Software - CA


What is included in the configuration file config.xml and how to retrieve and save the file from the appliance?


To back up the CAS configuration go to Utilities > Configuration > Click on Get Configuration.

However not all elements of your Content Analysis Appliance configuration can be saved/restored. Administration details and network information defined in the initial deployment of your appliance must be manually assigned. The following components are included in a backup/restore config.xml file:

- Global Antivirus Policy
- Kaspersky Policy
- Sophos Policy
- Alert Settings
- Alert Templates
- SMTP Settings
- Consent Banner
- Custom Logo
- NTP Settings
- Timezone Configuration
- HTTP Settings
- SNMP Settings
- Sandboxing Settings
- Predictive Analysis Settings
- Blacklist/Whitelist Settings
- File Reputation Settings


Note: These steps do not apply to Advanced Secure Gateway’s Content Analysis section. Please refer to the link below for Advanced Secure Gateway:

Backing Up and Restoring Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) Configuration

Additional Information

Important: If you are using Malware Analysis/Sandboxing, you may also need to backup and restore Base Images and iVM profiles. Please see the documentation below for:

Back Up and Restore