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CA SPECTRUM Event 0x210d53 displays garbage/junk characters for bgpPeerLastError varbind


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CA Spectrum


The cbgpFsmStateChange trap event id 0x00210d53 is displaying garbage/junk characters for the bgpPeerLastError varbind.




The Event Format file for the 0x00210d53 event is using the wrong data type for the bgpPeerLastError Event Variable. It is using the "Text String" data type but should be using "Octet String" data type.


Use the Event Configuration tool to modify the 0x00210d53 event to use the "Octet String" data type for the bgpPeerLastError Event Variable.

1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user

2. Select Tools -> Utilities -> Event Configuration from the top level menu

3. In the Navigation panel, find and select the 0x00210d53 event

4. In the Event Message panel, modify the bgpPeerLastError Event Variable to use the "Octet String" data type as follows:

bgpPeerLastError = {o 1}
bgpPeerLastError.bgpPeerRemoteAddr = {o 2}
bgpPeerState = {T bgpPeerState 3}
cbgpPeerLastErrorTxt = {S 4}
cbgpPeerPrevState = {T cbgpPeerPrevState 5}

5. Save the change

6. Restart tomcat on the OneClick system

NOTE: If running multiple OneClick/SRM systems, copy the new $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsEvFormat/Event00210d53_en_US file from the OneClick system where the change was made to the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CsEvFormat directory on the other OneClick and SRM systems in the environment. Then restart tomcat on those systems.

Additional Information

Reference the "Event Configuration" section of the documentation for more information.


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