How to prevent the Workflow Task Service Type to be in status "Not Active" on a Change Order
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How to prevent the Workflow Task Service Type to be in status "Not Active" on a Change Order


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When a new Change Order has a Category which contains a Service Type assigned to the Workflow Tasks, the Status Delay for this Service Type show as "Not Active".

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a new Service Type (or edit an existing one);
  • To the new Service Type, add a new Service Type Event with Object Type "Workflow Task" in the 'Change Order Tasks' Tab;
  • Next step is to edit an existing or create a new Category and in the 'workflow' Tab, add a new Workflow Task (i.e. 'Approval');
  • Click on the Task 'Approval' to Edit it;
  • Set the new Service Type created on step 1 to the Approval Task and save the Category;
  • Open a new Change Order and set the Category from step 3 and save it;
  • Go to the Change Order Detail, in 'Additional Information' > 'Workflow Task' Tab you can see the 'Approval' Task set to the Category Service Type;
  • Click on the 'Approval' task;
  • The unexpected behavior is that in the Task detail, the 'Delay Status' is as 'Not Active'.


Clarity Service Management 17.2
Clarity Service Management 17.1


The CLASSIC_SLA_PROCESSING option is 'Installed'.


To change this behavior and make the Workflow Task Service Type active, do the following:

  • Check if the option in Options Manager, 'classic_sla_processing' is as 'Installed';
  • Uninstall this option and restart the Service Desk Services;
  • The behavior will change and the next Change Order will show the 'Delay Status' as 'In Progress' in the Task Detail;
  • This way the Service Type for WF Tasks will be processed.