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The Software Compliance Status report is returning no results for certain MSD policies frequently used


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IT Management Suite Software Management Solution


There are certain Managed Software Delivery policies that are returning no results when the console user right-clicks on the policy and selects "Reports > Software Compliance Report"



There had been many computers that had the software installed via the MSD policy.


Management Platform 8.5 RU1


The affected MSD policies have a space at the beginning or the end of the name.

At runtime, the policy name, along with other parameters, is passed to the stored procedure "sp_SWM_SoftwareComplianceStatus", but as they are passed in by the report handler-- the spaces at either, or both ends of the policy's name is removed.

The SQL logic within the stored procedure uses a LIKE statement but since the report stripped the spaces from the policy's name, but they still exist in the database with the spaces in the name-- the report does not match any policy name to any software.




This issue is resolved in 8.5 RU2. Previous to that release, see the below for working around the issue:

  1. The easiest solution is to remove spaces if they exist at either end of the policy's name; or replace them with an underscore or a valid, visible character.
  2. Attached to this article is a modified version of  which includes a wildcard sequence at each end of the input parameter ('%'[email protected]_PolicyName+'%' )  on line #63




sp_SWM_SoftwareComplianceStatus_Revised.sql get_app