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How to Disable SSL Detection or Protocol Detection for Web sites/Domains in VPM


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How do we write Rule in Visual Policy Manager to disable protocol Detection for Web site or Client IP Address , If you do not want to add a rule in CPL Layer.


To Disable SSL Detection , You can create a rule in VPM in Web Access Layer

  1. Create New Web Access Layer
  2. Add new Rule , You can add Source object [Combined Source] and Destination objects [Combined Destination] accordingly, Under Action (right click) --> Set --> New ---> Disable SSL Detection ---> Select Option "Traffic Tunneled over:" Select "HTTP Connect, SOCKS, TCP" ---> click OK --> Install Policy

Note 1 - This is only applicable for Explicit Deployments.

Note 2 - Why doesn't a detect_protocol(no) rule work for some sites or applications when applied in the VPM? More information can be found in TECH243402