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Applying a Maintenance Pack to DLP Endpoint Prevent Agents


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


A new maintenance package (MP) is available for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint Prevent.
You need to know how to apply this MP to your DLP Endpoint Agents.


Applies to all supported versions of DLP agent on any supported Operating System.


DLP MPs for Endpoint Agents are full builds of the product and applied by upgrade or new installation methods.

  1. Download the MP from the Symantec Software Download site. Once you select suite and version, choose DLP_15.xMP_Agent.

  2. Locate the DLP Agent MP package, e.g.:
    • (for Mac)
    • (for Windows)
    • Note that a maintenance package includes "MP' after the major version number in the package name.

  3. For installation or upgrade steps refer to the following guides:
    • Note: Before you install or upgrade to a Symantec DLP MP, refer to the MP release notes - 15.7 / 15.8
    • Symantec Data Loss Prevention Installation Guides 15.7 / 15.8
    • Symantec Data Loss Prevention Upgrade Guides 15.7 / 15.8