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SGOS Web VPM does not open from Internet Explorer


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


After upgrading SGOS to and trying to access Web Visual Policy Manager, Internet Explorer does not show anything on the page. The browser does not give any error messages.

Also, if IE is the default browser, using management console from other browsers through Java console will open IE to open the Web VPM. This will also produce a blank page.



Internet Explorer is default browser.


This is because the minimum requirements for the Web VPM are as follows:

Google Chrome 60.0.3112 and later
Mozilla Firefox 57 and later
Microsoft Edge 42.17134 and later
Safari 10.1.2 and later

! Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported



If Internet Explorer is the default browser (or if you use a supported browser that launches the VPM in Internet Explorer), you can right-click and copy the Visual Policy Manager link at the top right of the Management Console.

Then, paste the URL into a supported browser.