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ProxySG Administrator username is seen instead of the regular Web access username


Article ID: 173935


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


From the same computer, if two sessions are running simultaneously: one for the normal web browsing and one for the ProxySG administration, there may be an overlap of the usernames.

  1. User is authenticated normally for web browsing
  2. On the same computer, the user opens the ProxySG web console and logs in with a different username.
  3. The web browsing will be authorised and logged based on the administrator username.


This situation happens when the web authentication layer and the admin authentication layer use the same realm for authentication.


It is recommended to separate the authentication realms of web access and administration access.

Under Configuration > Authentication > Create a new realm with the same settings as the original one. Use the new realm in the policy's admin authentication layer.