Check the status of spam false positive submissions for Email
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Check the status of spam false positive submissions for Email


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How to monitor the status of a spam false positive submission for Email


Submissions are completed using the Submit False Positive page in the ClientNet portal.


To view the status of a submitted sample navigate to the ClientNet Portal and go to Tools > Email Submissions. The following screen is presented.

*Note that to be able to see this site the user must have the Raise Tickets user role assigned to their user profile.

Click on False Positive Submissions to be taken to a screen like the following sample:

On this page is shown the following details:

  • Who submitted the sample
  • The sample Submission ID
  • The time the sample was submitted
  • The file name of the submitted sample
  • The sample's current investigation status

Filter the data by using the drop-down list to display the samples that were submitted on certain days or dates. The options are as follows:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • 7 days
  • This month
  • Specific date

Use the Search textbox to filter results to locate a specific sample. Search for samples in this search field using the submitter name, the submission ID, or the sample file name as needed.

The page shows one of three statuses depending on where the investigation of the submitted sample is.

  • Pending
    • The investigation of the sample is not completed.
  • Completed - Detection Not Amended
    • The investigation is completed and the submitted sample meets the characteristics of spam. Detection is not altered.
  • Completed - Detection Amended
    • The investigation is completed and the submitted sample does not meet the characteristics of spam. The detection was amended to prevent this being caught.

Email Notifications

The following is a sample of the acceptance email that was sent after you submit a sample for investigation, sent from [email protected].

Once investigation has concluded a second email is sent stating the results of the investigation as per the following example.

Contacting Support

To contact Support for any reason in relation to a submitted sample, please ensure to include both the Submission ID and Sample ID. Both are found in the email notifications.

Additional Information

See how to submit a false positive spam samples.