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How to reduce the frequency of the slump process verification and the associated messages in the stdlog, such as: slump_nxd ERROR list.c Process is still unknown after 900 seconds; cancelling verification and discarding 2 messages


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We have CA Service Desk Manager 12.9 (migrated from 12.6 SP3) with secondary servers (i.e. Conventional configuration), and we have the following error in stdlog (for each secondary server):


08/08 18:42:47.64 SDMPRI   slump_nxd    5512 ERROR   list.c   2627 Process 0|VerCtlClient_SDMSEC2 is still unknown after 900 seconds;
cancelling verification and discarding 2 messages


All secondary are working correctly, but we have this error in the logs. We have many CA SDM secondary servers and so we are seeing a large block of these messages, every 30 minutes.

How can we reduce the frequency of these messages?




Release: All
Component: CA Service Desk Manager


The error is written when slump tries to get rid of stale messages. Slump is not able to find the process or deliver the messages on time. The error messages are not a cause for concern, they indicate that a cleanup of cached data has been delayed.


It is possible to reduce the frequency of the verification performed by the Slump process, which would have the effect of reducing the frequency of the associated messages.  

To change the frequency, the following statement must be added to the NX.env file, where xxxx is the number of seconds, in this case 3600 seconds, the equivalent of 1 hour.


Manual modifications to the $NX_ROOT\NX.env file are not recommended. Additionally, modifications made to NX.env should be mirrored in $NX_ROOT\pdmconf\NX.env_nt.tpl file so that they are not lost when the Configure tool (i.e. pdm_configure) is run in the future.

To make the changes to the NX.env and NX.env_nt.tpl files, use the pdm_options_mgr command.

For example, in this case, to set the NX_SLUMP_VERIFICATION_MAX_WAIT environment variable, run the following two commands on the CA SDM primary server machine, whilst the server is up and running

pdm_options_mgr -c -s SLUMP_VERIFICATION_MAX_WAIT -v 3600  -a pdm_option.inst    
pdm_options_mgr -c -s SLUMP_VERIFICATION_MAX_WAIT -v 3600  -a pdm_option.inst  -t

Note that the command specifies "SLUMP_VERIFICATION_MAX_WAIT" and that the NX.env and NX.env_nt.tpl files are updated with "@NX_SLUMP_VERIFICATION_MAX_WAIT".

To pick up the configuration change, the CA Service Desk Manager services in the environment must be stopped and then restarted.