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Steps to perform a downgrade in a Packershaper appliance


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PacketShaper S-Series


The purpose of this article is to provide instructions for downgrading a Packershaper appliance via CLI


Run the following command: Setup Image Show

The command will show you the images on the device with a (A) for the current active one (ex:


PacketShaper     Release Id: 187162

PacketShaper     Release Id: 203627

PacketShaper     Release Id: 204779

PacketShaper    Release Id: 214083

PacketShaper     Release Id: 209787

PacketShaper    Release Id: 219628

PacketShaper    Release Id: 228451  (A)


Now you can set a new image to active by running this command:

SetUp Image Set <Release ID>


It will ask you for confirmation and after that you will need to type the following to reboot the unit and clear the measurement data that it can’t be moved between OS version:

measurement Reset


You can also do this during the Boot up process and then reset the measurement data with another reboot