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PingDatabase failed to connect to database. Failed to open database connection.


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IT Management Suite


While launching SIM (Symantec Installation Manager), a message was displayed saying that it couldn't connect to the database.
When the customer tried to connect to his existing database using SIM>Configure Settings, SIM was not able to show any of the existing databases nor create a new one.

The following entries were popping up in the NS logs:

Entry 1:
PingDatabase failed to connect to database.
Failed to open database connection.
[Symantec.Installation.Helpers.DatabaseNotAccessibleException @ SymantecInstallationManager]
at Symantec.Installation.Helpers.DatabaseManager.OpenConnection(String serverName, String catalog, String loginUserName, SecureString loginPassword, Boolean useIntegratedSecurity, Int32 retries)
at Symantec.Installation.InstallClasses.SQLAuth.PingDatabase(String databaseName, Int32 retries)

Cannot open database "ALTIRISCMDB" requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\altirisadministrator'.

Entry 2:
VerifyDBPermissions failed
Database 'ALTIRISCMDB' does not exist. Make sure that the name is entered correctly.
[System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException @ .Net SqlClient Data Provider]

Entry 3:
Provided credentials (username DOMAIN\altirisadministrator) were valid but do not have NS database access rights.


ITMS 8.0 or later


Try the following:

  1. Delete these regkeys (so SIM can recreate those references in case the encrypted ones were not right):


  2. Close and launch SIM again.
  3. Go to "Configure Settings>Configure Database Settings" and try to attach the desired database and let the configuration process run.