Migrating from Malware Analysis to Content Analysis
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Migrating from Malware Analysis to Content Analysis


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MAA-S500 MAA-S400-10


Back in January of 2018, Symantec announced the End of Sale (EOS) of the Malware Analysis Appliance.  Symantec also announced an End of Maintenance (EOM) date for the software, v. 4.2.x effective January 1, 2020.  To continue receiving support for Malware Analysis, customers who currently have a Malware Analysis Appliance will need to migrate their Malware Analysis Appliance to a Content Analysis Appliance.  This migration is an in-place migration and will convert their Malware Analysis Appliance to a Malware Analysis subscription running on a Content Analysis Appliance, where they will continue to get support for Malware Analysis.  With the migration, customers will also get access to new Malware Analysis features including Windows 10 support, iVM export/import and increased performance.
MAA-S400-10 platforms will migrate to CAS-S400-A4 and MAA-S500-10 will migrate to a CAS-S500-A1.  The migration process happens as an in-place software upgrade and has been available since April 30, 2018. 


To start the migration will need to register and enter their serial number and maintenance ID/content subscription in the Symantec Licensing Portal.  For assistance with either of these, please contact your Symantec Sales Engineer (SE). 
After the upgrade, the Content Analysis system can be used as a dedicated Malware Analysis platform or can be used to upgrade and also offer Content Analysis functionality with a Content Analysis file inspection license.  If you have any problems or questions about the upgrade, please contact Symantec Support.