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Box Securlet showing external collaborators that are users in the company domain


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CASB Security Standard CASB Security Premium CASB Security Advanced CASB Audit CASB Gateway CASB Gateway Advanced


When the user shares a folder or a file and invites a collaborator with the same domain as everyone in the company, they were expecting to see the collaborator as an internal collaborator, but it was showing as an external collaborator.

No Error. User is showing as an external collaborator, even though they have the same domain as the user who shared the file or folder.



Box Securlet and sharing files and folders using collaborators.


Box  is a "team" oriented service where a team of users can set up their own box account. Thus one team will be seen as external to the other team even if both teams are on the same domain.


In Box Tenant, there is a section in the configuration to define the "managed users", any user in this list will be considered internal and any user that is not listed in the "managed users" list will be considered external even if they belong to the same domain.



Add the user as a managed user in box.