Quarantine Notification is missing Approve/Block button
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Quarantine Notification is missing Approve/Block button


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Quarantine portal notification is missing the Approve and Block buttons but Release and Delete are available.


The recipient of quarantine notification does not have User List control enabled.


  1. Please go to Services>Anti Spam>Select yourdomain.com (in the drop down at far right corner) >Select List Management tab>User List Control
  2. In User List Control, please do a blank search and you can view all recipient addresses in the available section.
  3. If the user needs to have the "Approve or Block" the address must be a part of the User control.  Please search for their email address and use the Add button to include them in list control.

If you do not see the List Management tab in the domain specific Anti Spam settings, please contact Symantec Technical Support to enable this feature.