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Configure email on SDM using the TLS to fix Failed to find the CA certificate or Certificate name does not match


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This document provides some insight into what CA SDM's mail programs expect to be able to connect to a mail server over TLS protocol. This document assumes that you were provided with a valid SSL Certificate by your mail Administrator.

How to configure email on CA SDM using the TLS option, when you get the following errors?

 Error (15) Failed to find the CA certificate

 Error (13) Certificate name does not match?


Release: 12.9 and higher
Component: USRD


Normally an SSL Certificate has a Certificate Path, which starts with the Subject certificate (the Subject to which the certificate was issued TO) and proceeds through a number of intermediate certificates up to a trusted root certificate, typically issued by a trusted Certification Authority (CA).

 And CA SDM's mail programs expect to find ALL such certificates (not just the one that was Issued To) to be available in the same "file" that it would be referring to. If it does not find one or more of such intermediate certificates in the file it is configured to use, you would see errors like below in the CA SDM stdlogs:

 Error (15) Failed to find the CA certificate

 Error (13) Certificate name does not match 

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