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Unable to filter IPV6 requests on Unified Agent (Local Enforcement)


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Unified Agent Local Enforcement


When clients connected to IPV6 networks, Unified Agent LE (Local Enforcement) fails to filter, allowing clients to violate the configured AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) created by the administrator.


IPV6 networks. This includes mobile tetherable hotspot providers which route their traffic over IPV6 routing domains.


Unified Agent (LE) currently does not support filtering requests that are over IPV6 networks.  Issue is noticeable, when previously blocked traffic based on sites with a category which violates the AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) are allowed. 


Currently there is a Feature Request to provide support for Unified Agent (LE) versions.  At this time, Unified Agent (LE) will only filter requests on an IPV4 network. If you are looking to utilize Unified Agent (LE) within an IPV6 network, note this behavior and look for methods to do a conversion from IPV4 to IPV6 and back, if required.