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Failed to login with LDAPS with error "Untrusted Certificate"


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Content Analysis Software ISG Content Analysis


Failed to login with secure LDAP (LDAPS) credentials after changing certificate on connected LDAPS server.

"Untrusted Certificate" error


Administrative access constrained by LDAPS authentication

Recent administration of certificate associated with secure server


Certificate is cached upon initial connection with LDAPS server.


Reestablishing the connection with the LDAPS server will reconfigure the certificate to the newly issued/assigned certificate.

One example of how this task can be completed is by disabling, saving, then enabling the LDAPS authentication (Settings > Users > LDAP) by an administrator.

1. Log into the UI with the local administrator account

2. Browse to Settings > Users > LDAP Settings

3. Uncheck the box labeled Enable LDAP

4. Press the save button at the bottom of the page

5. After successfully saving, Check the box labeled "Enable LDAP"

6. Press the save button at the bottom of the page.

You will be prompted regarding the certificate with the following message:

In order to use secure LDAP (ldaps), the Content Analysis System must connect to and allow the LDAP server's public certificate.
Do you wish to continue?

Select the Yes option to retrieve the certificate.