An event was not resumed on Monday after the one was Suspended on Friday despite no conditions were preventing it


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The possible (yet 'hidden') reason for an event not to be triggered after the planned outage could be the fact that by the coded
limitation dSeries server cannot protrude (or estimate schedule for) more than 300 events into the future.
For example, in order to find a point of starting at Monday after an event was postponed on Friday, dSeries has to calculate all events to be bypassed during the weekend and the count of these events cannot be greater than 300.
If such an event was scheduled to be run every 10 minutes, suspended on Friday at 19:19 and resumed on Monday at 01:29, then the number of events to skip would be 324, and so dSeries will not be able to calculate next starting point and so resume the event.

Due to this is a coded constraint and not available to be varied, a workaround has been suggested:
instead of a single event schedule criterion use few of them; for instance, considering that the event in mentioned example should run every 10 minutes, it could be:

every 20 minutes weekdays starting 00:01
every 20 minutes weekdays starting 00:11
every 30 minutes weekdays starting 00:01
every 30 minutes weekdays starting 00:11
every 30 minutes weekdays starting 00:21
any other suitable intervals.

dSeries will be calculating each of the scheduling criteria and so operating with less skipped events.


Release: CAWAS999000-11.1-Workload Automation-Agent for Application Services