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Altiris Agent Plug-in Install keeps rescheduling


Article ID: 173731


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IT Management Suite


  • Plug-in install policy is enabled with computer listed in the policy target with repeat daily and scheduled time configured
  • The agent shows connected and is able to send basic inventory and update configuration
  • Plug-in Install for Windows x64 is listed in Software Delivery tab
  • The package is downloaded but with status Task never started
  • But agent keeps changing scheduled time to next window
  • The agent has other managed software delivery policies waiting for restart
  • There is no error message in the agent log except entries for rescheduling the task


  • ITMS 8.X


  • There are other managed software delivery policies targeting this endpoint
  • In those policies, there are restart computer action configured in the advanced options with max deferral time configured
  • The agent is waiting for the reboot count down


  • Restarting the endpoint will clear the agent's reboot flag. This allows software management plug-in to continue its installation for other software/plug-ins