Did you know that you can FTP output to CA directly from CA SYSVIEW via command "FTPCA"?


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From within CA SYSVIEW, you can FTP outputs to your support case's subdirectory:



You will need to have first created a JOBCARD for SYSVIEW use. 
Enter SYSVIEW command "JOBCARD" to create or to edit your Jobcard. 

Thereafter, enter SYSVIEW command “FTPCA”, hit Enter key. 
Then fill in the FTPCA panel and hit enter:


Userid      *==>>                                                                
Password *==>>                                                                 
Dsname    *==>>                                                                
Casenum  *==>>             (nnnnnnnn)                                         
Siteid        *==>>             (nnnnnnn)                                           
Jobname  *==>>                                                                
Terse        *==>>             (YES or NO)   Stay     *==>>                      (YES or NO)
Confirm   *==>>             (YES or NO)   Message  ===== YES         (YES or NO)
Descr        *===>                                                                


HELP is provided via PF1.

After you run FTPCA, you can also use the command "J" next to the job output to see the generated JCL and SYSIN


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD