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Process to extend Reporter database expiration in order to access old reports


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Reporter Reporter-S500 Reporter-VA


You would like to extend the Reporter database expiration time in order to create a report from a wide range of time.


In order to run a report for the extended period of time, you will need to follow the steps below: 

  1. Access Reporter Web interface
  2. Go to Administration --> General Settings --> Databases
  3. Under target database, click on "actions", select "set expiration" from a dropdown list and change number of days to desired value
  4. Check the post processing action in appropriate Log Sources: processed logs can be either deleted or moved to different directory, or renamed by adding ".done" to a filename
  5. Depending on post processing action, you will need to restore, move or rename the log files
  6. After the old logs will be processed again, you will have an option to process the logs from an extended period of time.

Note that depending on the amount of logs this will put additional pressure on Reporter, and may require additional time to rebuild the database.