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Unable to connect to Oracle CRM on Demand SaaS through Cloud Data Protection (CDP)


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CDP for Oracle CRM On Demand


Services have been started but users are unable to connect to ORAOD through CDP.


This could be due to an unexpected restart or system maintenance where the CDP Services were not stopped properly causing the PRS* files under /var/run folder to be stuck

1) Check to see if the CDP Server is listening on port 8008 (likely down)

netstat - an | grep 8008

2) Check to see if the Java processes are running for CDP and stop services if needed

ps -ef | grep java

sudo /usr/local/PRSServer/bin/

3) Check to see if PRS* files exist under /var/run

ls -l /var/run | grep PRS

If PRS* files exist, this indicates that the services were not stopped properly.  The PRS* files should be deleted from the /var/run upon a clean shutdown but in this case it will have to be manually deleted.

4) Delete the PRS* files under /var/run

cd /var/run

rm -rf PRS*

5) Start CDP services

sudo /usr/local/PRSServer/

6) Verify that CDP Server is listening on port 8008

netstat -an | grep 8008