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When booting EUFI clients to PXE they will not always get the PXE menu expected.


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x with UEFI PXE booting will have a 152 second option when a different count or no count down timer was expected.   After the timer expires or if it is bypassed the PXE menu options may be trunkated or be missing their txt menu options compleately.   

An unexpected timer starting at 152 second and or PXE menu items that are incompleate.  
In one environment the timer was a randomly set up to but not always 152 seconds. 


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x (GSS) 
EUFI hardware PXE booting


UEFI boot environments have a steeper limit to the number of characters allowed between all of the menu items added up compared to BIOS systems. 



The total number of characters is not identified as of yet but they are less for UEFI clients than Bios clients.  

As a workaround lower the character count for each of the PXE boot options to get to a lower number that will work correctly on UEFI clients. 


The resolution for this issue is planned for 3.3 RU3 release. 


Symantec has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) mentioned at the end of this article. Symantec is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.

There are currently no plans to address this issue by way of a patch or hotfix in the current or previous versions of the software at the present time. This issue may be resolved in a future major revision of the software at a later time. However, this particular issue is not currently scheduled for any release.  If you feel this issue has a direct business impact for you and your continued use of the product, please contact your Symantec Sales representative or the Symantec Sales group to discuss these concerns.  For information on how to contact Symantec Sales, please refer to the following Web site:

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