Identify each .NET 4.0 application run on the system
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Identify each .NET 4.0 application run on the system


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IT Management Suite


Request that the vendor identify each .NET 4.0 application run on the system

Check Text: Ask the system administrator to provide documentation that identifies:

- Each .Net 4.0 application they run on the system.
- The .Net runtime host that invokes the application.
- The security measures employed to control application access to system resources or user access to application.

If all .Net applications, runtime hosts and security protections have been documented or if there are no .Net 4.0 applications existing on the system, this is not a finding.


The Symantec Management Platform utilizes the following applications:

    SQL Server
    IIS (Default Website)

Custom Altiris Services:
    Altiris Event Engine
    Altiris Event Receiver
    Altiris File Receiver
    Altiris Inventory Rule Management Service
    Altiris Object Host Service
    Altiris Service
    Altiris Service Hoster
    Altiris Support Service
    Symantec Management Agent
    Altiris Client Task Data Loader
    Altiris Monitor Agent

Altiris provides or uses the following:
Most services run as the Application Credential, as set by the Administrator.  This credential has access to resources necessary such as IIS and SQL Server to function.  User Access is configured using built in Security Role Manager and Account Management so that Users only have rights to areas of the console that they need.