Content Analysis Sandboxing with Windows
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Content Analysis Sandboxing with Windows


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Content Analysis Software - CA


  • Windows will not install on iVM on Content Analysis Sandbox "Invalid ISO file errors".
  • What build of Windows is compatible with Content Analysis Sandboxing?

Status: Build Process failed in 'waiting_for_windows'


This can be caused by several things, including using a license key that does not match the image file being installed(enforced by Microsoft), as well as the iso being an unsupported version/build of Windows.



Windows 7 ISO images without the service pack cannot be imported.

The ISO import feature does not support ISOs that include more than one operating system; only ISOs contain a single image.

Symantec tests specific builds for each OS. Please refer to the release notes for that version of CA to see what ISOs have been tested. Other builds may work but they have not been tested.

For example, as of version 2.3.5.x the following list has been tested: 

When activating license from a local KMS server:

• Windows 7 ENTERPRISE, Build 7601
• Windows 10 Enterprise, Build 10240
When activating license with a product key:
• Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL, Build 7601
• Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB, Build 10240