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Drag and Drop uploads from Microsoft Edge are not getting detected


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When users drag and drop files on to Microsoft Edge to upload a file via web sockets (or similar) the file is not getting detected.

When the users browses for the file and selects the file it is detected as expected. 


Windows 10

Microsoft Edge browser 


In a drag and drop scenario the upload does not occur from the Edge browser so normal detection is not occuring. 


The upload occurs from the common executable DataExchangeHost.exe. To resolve this issue add an application monitor (see details here) for the DataExchangeHost.exe. Populated the Name filed with "DataExchangeHost" and the Binary Name field with "DataExchangeHost\.exe". Ensure that Application File access is checked with the read option and check all other fields.

After saving the settings and the client updates configuration then detection on drag and drop events in to Edge should occur.

Note that the DataExchangeHost may be used by other applications like Hyper V to transfer data and could cause false positives in the environment.