Block the like button on Linkedin
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Block the like button on Linkedin


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


  • You need a Symantec Intelligence Services (formerly BCIS) or Symantec WebFilter (formerly BCWF) subscription and full SSL interception.
  • You must be running SGOS version 6.2 or later for application controls to be available. 
  • How to block the like button on LinkedIn using Symantec ProxySG or Symantec Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG)?


  • Works in any version of ProxySG or ASG


To block the Like button on LinkedIn

  1.     Create a new rule in a Web Access Layer. Set the Action to Deny.

  2.     In the Destination column, create and set a new Request URL object. Specify the following:

    • Select Advanced Match.

    • Set the Host to LinkedIn and change the drop-down to Contains and Set the Path to voyager and set the drop-down to Contains

  3. In the Service column of the rule create a new Protocol Method object. Specify the following:

    • Set the Protocol to HTTP/HTTPS.

    • Select POST and Click OK.

  4. Install the policy.


Note: The Possibility exists that in future Linkedin updates may break this rule. You can find the URL and apply the same logic. This word under "Path" is taken from a Policy trace. We have taken a policy trace and identified which request triggers LIKE. You can find this information by using the developer tool in your browser too. The URL which triggers for LIKE is "". Simply leaving it as voyager may block other Linkedin functionalities.