What happens in case of Intelligence Service expiration?
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What happens in case of Intelligence Service expiration?


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


The ProxySG Intelligence Service (IS) is not license based, but it is subscription based and is non-persistent. What happens to the following features if the IS subscription expires?

  • Web Filter database update
  • WebPulse communication
  • The Web Filter database validity



  • Web Filter database update

After the expiration, the Web Filter database will no longer be updated. The update of the database will keep on failing until a new subscription date is applied. 
ProxySG logs 401 authentication error.

  • Web Pulse communication

WebPulse communication is no longer available after the subscription expires. 
ProxySG will not access to WebPulse service for dynamic URL categorization, the ProxySG WebPulse Health Check will also fail.

  • Web Filter database validity

Web Filter database has 'Data Valid until' timestamp. The ProxySG will keep using the latest downloaded database until that date.
After that, ProxySG will categorize all the web sites as 'unavailable'.