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Pulse Secure VPN does not connect when Web Traffic Redirection is enabled.


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Endpoint Protection Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


When using Web Security Service (WSS) Traffic Redirection (WTR) on Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) with Pulse Secure VPN you find that Pulse fails to establish a VPN connection.


Microsoft Windows
Pulse Secure VPN client


Pulse Secure may overwrite browser proxy auto config (PAC) settings. As such, Pulse offers a configuration option, "Preserve client proxy settings", so that the PAC set by SEP is given priority. Refer to the following KB for more information:

Additionally, the LPSFlags.exe tool can be used to reconfigure the SEP client's proxy.pac file to bypass the Pulse Secure traffic. For more information on the LPSFlags.exe tool see Bypass Endpoint Protection Web Traffic Redirection using LPSFlags.exe.