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Error return code from GetFile() is -2147024877 while trying to download drivers.manifest.txt


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Deployment Solution


The customer is trying to deploy an image to a client machine. The task process fails and while reviewing the DSTasks.log file, the following entry is noticed:

[2018/12/10 13:32:31.31 1644:1244 0] [email protected]: Error in downloading file from HTTP.source :http://SITESERVER01.DOMAIN.COM/Altiris/PS/Share/pkggroup_{3d09ab4c-bf69-4702-9062-787ce14288c4}/{20827DDD-C698-49E8-B312-830DF1D935B2}/cache/drivers.manifest.txt and dest :D:\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\DriversDB\drivers.manifest.txt.Error return code from GetFile() is -2147024877

[2018/12/10 13:32:30.937 1644:1244 2] Function Name is util::CSMPPackage::ParsePackageInfoXML(),file name is SMPPackage.cpp and Line no 360. Return XML is =<Response><PackageServers><PackageServerFound>true</PackageServerFound><PackageServer><Name>SITESERVER01.DOMAIN.COM</Name><IPAddress></IPAddress><ResourceGuid>216b693b-7259-498f-850a-e6b2657c5231</ResourceGuid><IsHTTP>true</IsHTTP><SharePathList></SharePathList><UNCPath>\\SITESERVER01.DOMAIN.COM\PkgSvrHostE$\{20827DDD-C698-49E8-B312-830DF1D935B2}\cache</UNCPath><HTTPPath>http://SITESERVER01.DOMAIN.COM/Altiris/PS/Share/pkggroup_{3d09ab4c-bf69-4702-9062-787ce14288c4}/{20827DDD-C698-49E8-B312-830DF1D935B2}/cache</HTTPPath><HTTPSPath></HTTPSPath><CEMPath></CEMPath></PackageServer></PackageServers></Response>

[2018/12/10 13:32:30.937 1644:1244 2] Function:util::CSMPPackage::Initialiaze(),File:SMPPackage.cpp and Line:109.SITESERVER01.DOMAIN.COM have selected as a PS

[2018/12/10 13:32:31.31 1644:1244 0] [email protected]: Error in downloading file from HTTP.source :http://SITESERVER01.DOMAIN.COM/Altiris/PS/Share/pkggroup_{3d09ab4c-bf69-4702-9062-787ce14288c4}/{20827DDD-C698-49E8-B312-830DF1D935B2}/cache/drivers.manifest.txt and dest :D:\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\DriversDB\drivers.manifest.txt. Error return code from GetFile() is -2147024877

[2018/12/10 13:32:31.31 1644:1244 0] File:ExecuteCommand.cpp,Line:4370 ERROR: Exception has occured in function SMPPackage.cpp() at Line No 653. Type of exception is GeneralError. Error is Default Message: Exception in CSMPPackageException. Error Description is  "util::CSMPPackage::GetFileFromHTTP". Value of Windows error code = 6 and message is " The handle is invalid."


DS 8.1, 8.5


In this particular case, the issue is caused by Error return code from GetFile() is -2147024877.
-2147024877, or 0x80070013, means "The media is write protected".

When the client machine is trying to download and write "drivers.manifest.txt" from his package server, the destination drive is write protected, so the file can't be added.

It could be caused by a BIOS configuration.


The destination drive, in this example the D:/ drive was flagged as "Read-Only". Even outside the deployment process, if you try to create a folder or even save a dummy text file, you get the same error:
The disk is write protected.

Please use "Diskpart" to identify what is the current attribute of the destination drive:

  1. First open a command prompt and type diskpart. You’ll be brought to the diskpart prompt.
  2. Now type in list volume or list disk to see the list of disks and partitions on the computer. Check the desired drive letter and volume number assigned to it.
  3. Now you have to select a volume or disk to check whether it is read-only or not. Let assume as an example that the D drive (boot drive) is the volume 2, then you would type select volume 2.
  4. Now type attributes volume to see the various attributes of the volume. One of them is read-only.
  5. If this volume is read-only, it will say "Yes".
  6. Finally, to remove the read-only flag on a drive or volume, type the following command after you have selected the appropriate volume or disk:
    attributes volume clear readonly
    attributes disk clear readonly

Note that this normally fixes the problem in Windows, but it may not remain in place after a reboot. This can happen if the drive is being made read-only again by some other program or the OS.

Please refer to or similar sites in order to read more about these steps you can use to do this.