Clarity: Project Risk, Issue and Change Summary report display incorrect resource in the Owner column


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The Project Risk, Issue and Change Summary report query joins the SRM_RESOURCES table at the wrong field. It is pulling from the ID field opposed to the USER_ID field for the 'Assigned To' column. This causes the resources names showing on the 'Owner' column on the report to be inaccurate.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Project

  2. On that project, create a 'Risk A' on the Risk/Issues/Changes tab

  3. For the 'Owner' field, select Resource1

  4. Save the Risk, and run the 'Project Risk Issue and Change Summary' report

Expected Result: 'Risk A' shows Resource1 on the 'Owner' column

Actual Result: 'Risk A' shows a different Resource on the 'Owner' Column



Copy the existing report, and create a brand new report with this slight change in the code:

On the Project Risk Issue and Change Summary report query, look for this line:

LEFT OUTER JOIN srm_resources own ON r.assigned_to =

It needs to be changed to this:

LEFT OUTER JOIN srm_resources own ON r.assigned_to = own.user_id

This also affects the Project Risk Register and Project Issue Register reports in Clarity 13.3. The same workaround applies to these two reports using their corresponding queries.


This issue is documented as CSP-158 and affects CSP 3.3
Resolved in Clarity 14.1 Solution Pack (CSP)


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus