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How do I export the RiskFabric Schema for further analysis


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


Prior to upgrading ICA, there are scenarios where the product support team may request that the RiskFabric database schema is exported for further review.  This process will walk you through the process of what options need to be included when exporting the schema for product support.  We will exclude user information in this export but we will seek index information, triggers and other database dependent Objects.  


  1. Launch SSMS and connect to the database server in question.
  2. Right-click on the database you want to script out and select “Generate Scripts….”  Option.​


  1. Click Next on the Introduction Page.
  2. On the Choose Objects page, check everything except Users and Database Roles as these are irrelevant to our analysis.
  1. Click the Advanced…. Button
  1. After clicking advanced make sure the following settings are set:
    1. Generate Script for Dependent Objects:  True (this is default)
    2. Include system constraint names:  True
    3. Script Statistics:  Script Statistics
    5. Script Indexes: True (should be true by default) Make sure it is checked
    6. Script Triggers:  True

  1. Specify file to save to, Click Next … finish the wizard the schema will be contained in this file.