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Simplified Steps to Clean up Unused Software Update (Patch) Packages off the Notification and Package Servers


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Patch Management Solution Client Management Suite IT Management Suite


Unused/unneeded patch packages are taking up space on the Notification and Package Servers in any currently supported version (8.5 – 8.6) of IT Management Suite (Altiris)

Note: see the KB article, "Clean up unused Patch Packages off the Notification Server and Package Servers" for more details, screen shots, information on how to remove packages in a hierarchy and new automated methods introduced in version 8.5 and later Release Updates.


  1. Disable the Software Update Bulletin
    1. Home > Patch Management
      1. This can be done in either the Patch Remediation Center, Software Bulletins Details report, Compliance by Bulletin report, or Compliance by Update report (note that disabling in this report disables the bulletin, not just the update)
    2. Highlight the desired Software Update Bulletin
      1. NOTE: You can select multiple bulletins by using standard CTRL or Shift clicking
    3. Right-click > Disable
    4. Check the option "Remove the selected bulletins from policies" in the pop-up windows

      Note: If for some reason you don't see the "Disable" option, try the following:

      1. Go to Reports\All Reports\Software\Patch Management\Software Bulletins\Software Bulletin Details
      2. Search for the desired patch. In this example: MS08-069
      3. Right-click on it and select "Distribute Package"
      4. Make sure it is turned off and that any update that is part of this bulletin is unchecked.
      5. Click on "Distribute software update". This should let you "setup" the bulletin again as a new instance.

      6. Then, under "Software Bulletin Details" report, search again for the desired bulletin. Now you should see the "Disable" option. Click on it. Check the option "Remove the selected bulletins from policies" in the pop-up windows

  2. Run the Check Software Update Package Integrity Check task
    1. Manage > Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Software > Patch Management
    2. Enable the settings for Windows (and/or Linux) as needed to delete downloaded packages (Save changes as needed)
    3. Run the task
    4. This Task will delete the physical patch files from the NS and the package resource from the Database

      Note: You should be able to see entries in the NS logs like this one confirming the package(s) deletion:
      Deleted Software Package Resource: xxxxxx

  3. Package Server clean-up
    1. The packages will be deleted from package servers per the setting in Settings>Software>Patch Management > Windows Settings > Windows Patch Remediation Settings > Package tab > Delete packages after:
      The behavior is similar to what is described in KB 181052 "What does the “Delete Package files if unused for" on the Package Server setting do?"
    2. Note that changing this settings affects only updates downloaded after the change, not currently downloaded updates. 

Note for systems in a hierarchy:  Running these steps on a Hierarchy will remove patches from 'all' Package Servers.