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Enable email alerts on job failures with ICA


Article ID: 173566


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


  • Administrators would like to be notified of job failures from Symantec Information Centric Analytics (ICA).
  • Prerequisites: Database Mail must be functional in order to enable email notifications. 


  • SQL Server
  • ICA
  • Database Mail


  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Connect to the Database Engine that hosts ICA
  3. Expand SQL Server Agent, Operators
  4. Right Click and select New Operator
  5. Define Operator Name and Email Name, ensure the Operator is enabled and click OK 

  1. Expand the Jobs folder, right click on the job to be monitored and select Properties
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Place a checkmark in E-mail, Select the RF Operator from the first drop-down list, and When the job fails from the second drop-down list, click OK 

  1. An alert will be received when the job fails