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Can the Ghost Web Console URL be modified.


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Ghost Solution Suite


The Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.3 has an option to install and use a web based console called the GSS Web console.   

The default url for the web console is:

This URL should not be modified in IIS as it can cause unintended results.   

Other issues may arise if the URL is modified but the one reported so far. 

When installing updates (release updates) to the GSS server the webconsole updater will fail with warnings related to being interrupted. 

The web console will then be unacceptable and the installation will need to be removed and reinstalled after the default URL is updated back to the default. 





The Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.3 
GSS Web console 


The installer and the updaters are not searching for the URL they are working from the default URL only. 


Don't modify the URL that is used for the GSS Web Console at this time it needs to remain set as the default.