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Discovery works, Inventory for Network Devices states no data classes are mapped to deviceclass


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Inventory Solution


Network Discovery successfully discovers a device and captures SNMP information. Agentless Inventory (aka Inventory for Network Devices) captures no data for the device.

Trace logging shows the following:

01/30/19 14:50:42 [ 9084] (Debug) LoadPALInventoryTables: Found 0 matching data classes for device class '76ab9116-f4fb-441d-8c91-c55646d3cd6c'
01/30/19 14:50:42 [ 9084] (Debug) No data class mapped to this device class 76ab9116-f4fb-441d-8c91-c55646d3cd6c


This is caused by the target device not accepting standard SNMP calls. While we got some responses, none of the standard RFC MIB calls had any response from the target device.


Contact the manufacturer of the device to see what options or firmware updatres are required to allow standard SNMP calls to be replied to.