How to enable Active Directory authentication for VIP Enterprise Gateway
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How to enable Active Directory authentication for VIP Enterprise Gateway


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You would like to enable VIP Enterprise Gateway with authentication against Active Directory for a new or existing Active Directory group.


The VIP Enterprise Gateway configuration console can be configured to authentice administrators against Active Directory by configuring the "Console Authentication" feature.  The following will be necessary before beginning this configuration:


* Login access to VIP Enterprise Gateway

* The distinguishedName of the Active Directory group

* An example username from the Active Directory group


Follow these steps to configure Console Authentication:

1) Login to VIP Enterprise Gateway

2) Navigate to: User Store tab > Console Authentication link

3) Click/Select X

4) Supply the following attributes:

BaseDN: Where to begin searching for users.  Note: Overly specific base DNs will result in some legitimate admins being unable to authenticate.

User Filter: Generally leave this as it is unless you are authenticating against a non Active Directory LDAP server or a limited feature LDAP server.

Group Filter: The distinguished name of the Active Directory group containing all the admins that should have login access to this VIP Enterprise Gateway.

Test User Name: The name of a user in the Active Directory group.




BaseDN: DC=symclabs,DC=name

User Filter (left at default): (&(&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person))(sAMAccountName=%s))

Group Filter: (memberOf=CN=VIPEGAdmins,CN=Users,DC=symclabs,DC=name)

Test User Name: bsmith


7) Click the Test button to confirm that it the connection details above are specified correctly (A correct result returns: "Test connection is successful." in text under the user name field).

8) Click the Save button.


Consider disabling access to the Local Administrator account.  For assistance with this, contact VIP Technical Support.