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Receiving error when trying to apply packet capture filter: "Error(s) occurred when committing changes before starting the packet capture".


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The purpose of this article is to provide an explanation for the error received when trying to install a packet capture filter for troubleshooting purposes.


This error is most commonly seen when trying to install a filter that contains at least one domain that is not being properly resolved by DNS. When applying the filter, the proxy tries to the resolve the site using its DNS servers, and it will not apply the filter until it is able to do so.


Address the DNS resolution issue for the affected site/s before proceeding to address the original problem, as both issues might be related.


  • Use a public DNS such as to be able to apply the filter and troubleshoot the initial issue.
  • You can also use the IP instead of the name so this way the DNS does not get contacted and you will be able to see the network communication between the proxy and the site in the packet capture.