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Show active users in Web Security Service


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Web Security Service - WSS


You'd like to find out how many users are actively using Web Security Service (WSS).


Web Security Service


There are multiple ways to get a realistic number of users that are using the WSS service, including 'Web browsing per User' or the 'Bandwidth Cost per User' report found in the portal.

  1. In the WSS portal navigate to Reports > Report Center
  2. Click on the report 'Bandwidth Cost per User' and after the report finishes, in the bottom-right corner, there's the text 'Viewing rows # to ## (total ###)' The total should give you the number of users sending traffic through the service. Narrowing the time to 1 day would give a number of license utilization


    Click on the report 'Web browsing per User', and check the number reported in bottom right hand corner. Alternatively you can download the report and view number of lines in it. The admin can filter the timeframe in which report is executed.