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Exclude Specific Recipient Addresses from Inbound Spam Scanning


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How to exclude a recipient email address from Anti-Spam Scanning Service for Inbound emails.


To bypass all anti-spam checks for Inbound emails that are destined for an email address, add the email addresses to the Exclusion list.

To have Exclusion list enabled, Quarantine has to be enabled for the account. See HOWTO127801 for more information about Email Quarantine.

Adding an email address to the "Exclusion" list only bypasses anti-spam Scanning Service, but doesn't bypass the anti-malware Scanning Service (Malware / Viruses).

Exclusions are only for Inbound emails. They do not apply to Outbound emails.

Adding an email to "Exclusion" list excludes the email from all the checks in Anti-Spam section in ClientNet Portal.
See HOWTO125789 for all the checks that are bypassed.

To bypass all anti-spam checks for Inbound emails that are destined for an email address, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ClientNet Portal -> Services -> Anti-Spam
  2. Under Global Settings (Top Right), select the chosen domain.
  3. Click on the "Exclusions" tab.
  4. If the Exclusions tab is not present, please contact Technical Support to enable it.
  5. Search for the email address to exclude. Alternatively, do a Blank Search - do not type anything in the search input and click Search - to list all the email addresses.
  6. Once the "Search" button is clicked, the email address should be populated in the Left Section, "Existing Email Addresses".
  7. Select the email address and click the "Add to list >>" button.
  8. The email should now be listed in the Right Section, Exclusion List.
  9. Click "Save" and wait one hour for propagation.