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The DLP database contains events. Action : Review and remove any unnecessary EVENTS.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

When upgrading Oracle you see the following error in the prerequisites check...

The database contains events. Action : Review and remove any unnecessary EVENTS.

But there are no EVENTS to remove from the database.


The database contains events. Action : Review and remove any unnecessary EVENTS.


This can be caused by invalid parameters being used in the database parameters (SPFile)


  1. First check to see what events are showing for the database.
    • Log into SQLPlus as sysdba
    • run the command "show parameter event;", this will list all events. Below is a list of the normal expected events that should not be removed...
      • event
      • xml_db_events
    • review the events to determine if there are any that should be removed.
      • Any events other than the above listed events should be removed.
      • In order to remove the events, you will need to modify the SPFile. See below instructions for creating, modifying, and updating the SPFile.
  2. Check the SPFile to see if there is an invalid event entry.
    • **Note: Before Modifying the SPFile or PFile you should create a backup so you can restore the settings back to the original state if needed.
      • Default Path: %ORACLE_HOME%\database\spfile.ora
      • Alternate Path: %ORACLE_HOME%\dbs\spfile.ora
      • Oracle Search Order:
        • spfile<SID>.ora
        • spfile.ora
        • init<SID>.ora
        • init.ora
      • Example: C:\oracle\product\\db_1\database\initprotect.ora
    • Generate a PFile from the SPFile
      • Log into SQLPlus as sysdba
      • run the command "create pfile='C:\oracle\product\\db_1\database\initprotect.ora' from spfile;"
        • Note that single quotes must be used for the path, double quotes will create an error "ORA-02236: invalid file name".
      • This will create the pfile "inittest.ora" on your root C:\ drive.
      • You can now view/edit this file.
      • Specifically we are looking for an entry for Event="" , if this event setting is set to an empty string it will cause this error.
  3. Once the PFile has been corrected you can load your database with the PFile
    • Log into SQLPlus as sysdba
    • Shutdown the database using the command "Shutdown;"
    • Startup the database using the command "Startup pfile='C:\oracle\product\\db_1\database\initprotect.ora';"
      • This will startup the database using the parameters specified in the pfile 'C:\inittest.ora'
    • Now you can run the database upgrade again and it should now pass the prerequisites check (assuming that was the only error).
  4. If you have multiple errors that you need to troubleshoot, or you keep having to reset the database to run the modified pfile, you can update the SPFile with the new settings.
    • Log into SQLPlus as sysdba
    • Run the command "create spfile from pfile='C:\oracle\product\\db_1\database\initprotect.ora';"
    • This will load your PFile settings into the SPFile so you won't have to continue loading the database with your temporary pfile.