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How to configure SNMPv3 in Reporter 10


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SNMP settings are not available from GUI.


The Reporter CLI provides a set commands that allows you to configure SNMP:

Sample setting:


reporter(config)# snmp

reporter(config-snmp)# agent version v3

reporter(config-snmp)# agent enabled

reporter(config-snmp)# system contact Ash

reporter(config-snmp)# system location YellowLab

reporter(config-snmp)# system name Reporter10

reporter(config-snmp)# vacm view snmp3view subtree 1.3 included

reporter(config-snmp)# vacm group snmpv3group member snlocaluser sec-model usm

reporter(config-snmp)# vacm group snmpv3group access usm auth-priv read-view snmp3view

reporter(config-snmp)# usm local user snlocaluser auth md5 password ashauthpassword

reporter(config-snmp)# usm local user snlocaluser priv des password ashprivpassword